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At Khipu

we are PISP

Payment Initiation Service Provider

We are the first company in Chile to offer payment initation services.

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Leave your payments
In the experts’ hands

More than 2500 business and stores in Chile are using our products in a monthly basis and process their payments with Khipu. We are the cheapest option, secure( read more about Khipu’s security here ) and simple to process our EFTs.

Young developer in front of his computer integrating Khipu

Integrating has never
been so easy

At Khipu we take care in simplifying the integration process to the minimum possible, that’s why we have a complete and orderly documentation that allows integration in a very short time, so that you are able to activate Khipu in your business with no headaches.

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Through unity

We have a close and reliable relationship with our dealers, to ensure we have better coverage of our digital payment method.

We’re experts in:


Efficiency: We reduce our costs to charge low commissions to our clients.


Security: We take care of your business security and your payers’.


Independence: When other payment platforms go down, Khipu is still running .

Our work speaks for us

What our customers say


<<Khipu allows our clients to make payments anywhere and with total flexibility, a very important factor when you intend to deliver an uninterrupted and integral service to your clients. This has enabled us to grow confidently, supported by business partners who provide reliable services such as Khipu.>>


José Pedro Forno, aDeptos CEO

Mercado Pago

<<Khipu is our partner for our EFTs and we’ve always had great support and good experience working with them. For us at Mercado Pago it is essential to be able to offer merchants all available payment methods, making the purchasing process a simple and safe process.>>


Tomás Valenzuela, Digital Payments Specialist at Mercado Pago


<<It is a payment method using bank accounts. The best benefits are its low transaction costs for the merchant and the end customer, to be able to make an online transfer online with all bank security but in a business environment.>>


Marcelo Caracci, CIO Afex Chile

Chile Address: Las Urbinas 53 oficina 132, Providencia, Santiago, Chile. Postal code 7510093

Argentina Address: Besares 1029, Chacras de Coria, Mendoza, Argentina. Postal code 5505.