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Explore our guides and examples to integrate with Khipu.

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Create a payment POST /payments

After the customer selects the product and chooses to pay, the payment process begins. The majority of electronic commerce software work in a similar way. They all have some type of object that symbolizes the purchase order. What we must do is relate this purchase order to a payment in Khipu. Let’s see the following code.

Khipu Logos

Enter here to see the different logo options that you can use at your merchant. To copy the HTML code, you only have to click in the Copy Code link at the upper right corner of the block. See logos.

Conciliation Reports

To configure notifications by e-mail you must log into your Khipu account and go to “Account Options”. In the “Notification by e-mail” section you must configure the e-mail for each available options. For more information, please click this link.

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