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Ethical line

Khipu SpA is committed to the high legal, ethical and moral standards set out by Law 20,393, and that is why it has established this prevention model, in order to formalize the procedures implemented to prevent Khipu SpA from being used in the commission of the crimes contemplated in the Law, namely money laundering, terrorist financing and bribery.

According to article 1, the Law No. 20,393 regulates the criminal responsibility of legal persons with respect to certain crimes (“crimes of Law 20,393”), as well as the procedure applicable to the investigation and the establishment of responsibility and appropriate penalties.

To report any information about irregularities or breaches of law 20,393, you can do so through the present form in our Whistleblower Channel.

The Whistleblower Channel is an instance of communication so that people who require it can report and/or denounce this type of situation in a confidential and secure way.

You can also download our Crime Prevention Manual. You can also download our Knowledge of Clients Policy (KYC), which allows us to have a clear and applicable framework to prevent the use of our company for purposes such as money laundering or other illicit purposes.

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