We work as a team


At Khipu, the team is the most important thing. It is the basis for the achievement of innovation, the creation of methodologies, agile processes and the achievement of quality results.

Each person is an important part of the company, and therefore, we all have a role within an interdependent system, where the autonomy of each one is combined with the predisposition and commitment to provide a priority hand to those who require it. Therefore, we believe in a horizontal organization, where the youngest contribute with their energy and new capacities, while the “older” ones, with their experience.

It is these concepts that have allowed us to create a deeply rooted culture of trust, sincerity and constantly challenging ourselves, which even transcends those who for different reasons do not work in the company today, also considering the professionals who have passed through our organization as part also from the team. All of us, we form the e-Khipu.

Our deep-rooted culture is summarized in a decalogue which is shared with each new member.

Our culture:

  • 8 hours of quality a day.
  • We behave as adults; we laugh as kids.
  • No employer offices.
  • More communication and less meetings.
  • First the work that a colleague expects.
  • Code without unit testing, rots.
  • No individual bonuses, but good salaries.
  • Sales is everyone’s responsibility.
  • The office is also for fun, and family is welcome
  • We talk about politics, religion, operating systems, and other topics in which we don’t agree.

Who is part of the team?

We privilege quality, versus quantity. In other words, we are few, but comprehensive, with good personal and professional training.

The organization is made up of our Executive e-Khipu, with meetings every month to review strategic issues. An orderly review of the strategy and next steps is prioritized. What is most important are ideas, respect for people and the work done, and the conviction of contributing to a change in the financial industry, first in Chile, and why not in the world.

The executive staff, divided into three large areas: Engineering, Operations and Commercial, are led by professionals with vast experience in the roles they perform.


Roberto Opazo

Executive Director

Emilio Davis

Technology Director

Rodrigo Schmidt

Commercial Vicepresident

Enrique Velasco

Operations Vice President

Alejandro Vera

Senior Development Engineer

Ana Lucía Cáceres

Scrum Master

Damaris Cofré

Administration and Accounting Analyst

Mauricio Castillo

Development Engineer

Marta Soto

Senior Consultant

Francisca Lobo


Juan Horta

Software Engineer

Sara Apablaza

Automations Configurator

Enrique Wood

Software Engineer

Hernán León

Administration and Finance Manager

María Ángeles Cahill

Automations Configurator

Chile Address: Las Urbinas 53 oficina 132, Providencia, Santiago, Chile. Postal code 7510093

Argentina Address: Besares 1029, Chacras de Coria, Mendoza, Argentina. Postal code 5505.