Proud of our journey

Our history


It all started as a secret. Yes, like in spy novels, back in 2012.

With an old childhood friend, manager in a Chile’s bank, we got involved in a heated discussion about the payment methods in our country and the involved companies.

The conversation rose so much that I suddenly became silent. In that precise minute I realized that it was possible of doing more than PayPal. There could be an economical, inclusive service that allowed many people to execute transfers, avoiding errors, saving time and protecting the client from fraud.

This is how Khipu was born.

Name inspired by the word “quipu”, meaning “knot” in quechua, a tool the Inca used to keep accounting and administrative records.

Since we went on the market in 2013, there are thousands of events that have forged our DNA: capital increase processes, executed ideas (some good, others not so much), strategy changes, incursions into other countries, improvement training programs, Corfo funds received (we already have 4 and we hope there will be more), awards (including the AVONNI innovation award by the Ministry of Economy of Chile).

Together with the e-Khipu (so we say to refer to those who work or have worked in the company)

There are many stories to tell, and it is difficult to summarize in a few words everything that we have been through. It has really been a wonderful journey, full of gravel, obstacles, ups and downs, but finally wonderful.

Today we have achieved a beautiful market position in various industries. The businesses have validated our value proposition, which we continue to improve day by day. See value proposition.

In numbers, we closed the year 2020 in a very good way, and we achieved a very important milestone – to have solid positive cash flows for the first time. Of course, it was not under the circumstances that I would have dreamed of, which leaves this achievement with a bittersweet taste, since the pandemic accelerated all the digital transformation processes that favored us without a doubt..

If you asked me to summarize in just two concepts the success factors that have allowed us to reach our current position,

those will be: having a bulletproof conviction that we are delivering a forceful and unprecedented value proposition in the financial industry, and secondly, to have a foolproof team, of great human and professional quality, committed to die in each task or decision to be made.


No doubt this story continues. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know that we are contributing to Chile, and soon we hope also to other countries of our beautiful planet as well.

Chile Address: Las Urbinas 53 oficina 132, Providencia, Santiago, Chile. Postal code 7510093

Argentina Address: Besares 1029, Chacras de Coria, Mendoza, Argentina. Postal code 5505.